Thaxted Parish Council receieves its Foundation Status Award...

The Parish Council are proud to announce that we are now a recognised Foundation Status Council, Please see the extract below for the officers comments & Judgement:


Joy Darby, Amanda Brown

The Officer evaluation with regard to this application is that it should receive the accreditation.  The overall standard of the application was very good.   Thaxted had prepared for the assessment a year ago but because of a dispute with the auditors it was not possible to go to the panel at that time so it is with delight that as a Council they have received such praise now they have been able to be assessed and have kept all the documents up-to-date.  The 96% approval rating for the Neighbourhood Plan is impressive.

Panel Chairman – Judgement:

I specifically note the comments made by the Panel with regards to this application. I also note the EALC Officers comments that the overall standard of the application is high and that the Town Council has received an unqualified audit.   I am particularly pleased with the progress on the Neighbourhood Plan. I note the number and cross section of Panel Members responses and I endorse the overall application supported by relevant evidence. On this basis I am delighted to be able to accredit Thaxted Town Council at Foundation Level.  Foundation Status awarded.

Chairman of the Essex Accreditation Panel

Signed off by the Chairman on the 16th October 2019




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