Following the recent election, Thaxted Parish Council has 5 vacancies for the post of councillor. The Council is legally obliged to advertise these vacancies under the Representation of the People Act 1985.
You can apply to be a parish councillor if:-
·       You are over 18 and are an elector in or have lived in or within three miles of Thaxted for the preceding  12 months;
·       Your principal place of work for the preceding 12 months is in the Parish.
If you would like to be considered for the post of councillor, please write a short letter of introduction explaining why you are interested and what you would bring to the role. All applications will be considered by the current parish councillors and it is anticipated that co-opted councillors will be appointed on June 4th 2015.
The deadline for applications is 5pm on 28th May 2015.
Please address letters of introduction to
The Parish Clerk
Thaxted Parish Council
CommunityInformation Centre
7 Town Street

For over 1000 years people have lived in and visited one of this country's finest towns. With its famous Guildhall, magnificent Church and restored Windmill set against a backdrop of Medieval houses it is considered the jewel in the crown of Essex.

Thaxted is a small country town with a recorded history which dates back to before the Domesday Book. Yet although the town is full of considerable architectural interest, its attraction as a place to visit arises just as much from the special character of the town as a community. Thaxted has no artificial tourist attractions; it remains today what is has been for the last ten centuries - a thriving town which moves with the times, but also treats its heritage from the past with great respect. The past and the present come together in Thaxted as part of the daily life of everyone in the town.

Many visitors and residents know Thaxted for its connection with the Thaxted Morris Men and for the Thaxted Festival.  These links take you to their websites.

Thaxted today has a variety of shops, restaurants, pubs and other businesses which serve the needs of resident and visitor alike, making the town a centre for trade and commerce today, as it has been for 1000 years.

This new Website has been setup for both visitors and residents.  The tabs at the top of the page will start your discovery of our town - many aspects cross over both areas so please investigate the whole of our site.

A search facility is accessed at the bottom of each page - use this to find particular information quickly.

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The Parish Council Website Committee would like to acknowledge the work done to create this new site : Adam for the graphic concept, Helen for text inputting and Casey for page design and the new photographs.

Mike (Chairman)